Sheffield Hospitals Charity moves to Heart of the City

Sheffield Hospitals Charity moves to Heart of the City

Sheffield Hospitals Charity is set to relocate to Leah’s Yard, the former Little Mesters workshops on Cambridge Street.

The charity is a surprise addition to the historic site due to open this summer. They will occupy the office space on the top floor and will join independent traders and makers including Pete McKee, Gravel Pit and Bullion Chocolate.

The move marks the bold ambitions of the charity to be more seen and connected within the city. The relocation provides a unique opportunity to be central to the growing business community and accessible to supporters of Sheffield’s NHS.

Tom Wolfenden, Director of Leah’s Yard, said:

“From our perspective, the larger office was always a space that might be tricky to let. We didn’t just want another office tenant, and its large size meant that finding the perfect fit was going to be a challenge.

When Beth reached out about a potential relocation, we couldn’t have been happier. Bringing the amazing work that Sheffield Hospitals Charity does into our new thriving city centre was exactly the kind of result we hoped for when we first set about designing Leah’s”.

Beth Crackles, Chief Executive at Sheffield Hospitals Charity, said:

“Leah’s Yard couldn’t have a stronger Sheffield heritage, and now it’s filling up with the best of Sheffield’s independent retailers, while sitting alongside big corporates in the Heart of the City. Sheffield Hospitals Charity is the official charity partner to the majority of the NHS in the city, and it is high time that we were based somewhere that gives us the right environment and platform to connect and grow. Leah’s Yard is exactly that”.     


Published: Wednesday 26th of June 2024