Unique charity exhibition showcases support for Sheffield’s NHS

Unique charity exhibition showcases support for Sheffield’s NHS

Sheffield Hospitals Charity showcased the difference that supporter donations make to Sheffield’s NHS through a unique event at the Trafalgar Warehouse in the city centre.

The immersive exhibition showed the breadth and depth of support given to Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust by the charity.

It featured high impact pieces funded by the charity like a hyper realistic mannequin used for specialist training for frontline emergency response teams, demonstrations of a bone drill device used for bone marrow biopsies and a moving representation of the worries people go through when receiving a cancer diagnosis and how emotional and practical support is made available.

The warehouse was completely transformed, and guests were immersed into a clinical world with 10 hospital bays featuring physical representations and thought-provoking information about vital projects that would not have happened without charitable funding. A giant ‘to-do’ list hung from the ceiling showing recent things the charity has enabled ‘ticked off’, and a list of outstanding projects they are planning to support. Interactive sessions included invited guests making handprint cards - a memory making activity offered to patients in the palliative care unit at the Northern General Hospital.

The event saw the unveiling of a new three-year strategy which was developed alongside NHS colleagues and charity staff as well as drawing on patient forums and listening to supporters.

The exhibition is moving to The Millennium Gallery which will be open to the public from Tuesday 23rd July to Sunday 28th July. People from across Sheffield will be able to see first-hand the scale and impact of the charity’s work.

Beth Crackles, Chief Executive at Sheffield Hospitals Charity, said:

“Most people won’t know that NHS Charities contribute over £1 million every single day to the NHS. Thanks to our generous supporters, Sheffield Hospitals Charity continue to fund the most incredible life-changing and life-saving work. We have the largest healthcare remit of any charity in the city and by quite a stretch. We want to show people what is possible with their help and to be clear that together we can achieve even more remarkable things. Our free to view exhibition at the Millennium Gallery is a really different way for us to show people just how important we are to Sheffield’s NHS”.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors Rathbones, Incorporating Investec Wealth & Investment (UK)

Published: Friday 5th of July 2024