Reducing health inequalities in Sheffield

We want to support projects that:

  • Tackle the gap in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between the most and the least advantaged communities in Sheffield. People in Sheffield die younger and live fewer years in good health. We are particularly interested in the greatest contributors to this gap in life expectancy in Sheffield, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and mental ill health.

  • Enable people and communities who are less able or likely to, to access healthcare. We are particularly interested in projects reaching people who are ethnically diverse and/or in the most deprived areas of Sheffield.

  • Support prevention-based initiatives and promote partnership working across the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to deliver them. Specifically, Sheffield has high levels of common causes of disability and death, caused by high rates of smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, poor diet and alcohol consumption.

  • Support projects relating to specific medical conditions which do not enjoy the financial investment or profile as other conditions.