Support caring, and cared for staff

We want to support projects that:

  • Target wellbeing support for staff groups that are identified as having the greatest need (e.g. those working in highly pressurised clinical areas, working alone within the community, lowest paid and junior staff, and international staff).

  • Create spaces open to all team members in areas that lack convenient access to a dedicated staff area and/or refreshments.

  • Fund educational opportunities for staff to enhance their skills so they can provide better care to patients and their loved ones, with compassion and kindness.

Highlight Stories

SHC funding for Staff Wellbeing Advisor

SHC funding for Staff Wellbeing Advisor

Following the sustained workload pressures of the pandemic and the traumatic experiences that many staff went through, there is evidence of rising long term mental health absence and increased levels of burnout across the NHS as measured via the NHS staff survey. Results showed that burnout is not just restricted to staff who worked on covid wards but that the sustained, significant workload levels since the early days of the pandemic have impacted across all staff groups.

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